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Rising Tide Preschool is pleased to launch our new scholarship for tuition assistance. The new scholarship is aimed at minority students and low income families who have historically been underrepresented in preschool educational programs. The scholarship is open to current and prospective Rising Tide Preschool students. We will award $20,000 in scholarships to recipients.

The goal of the scholarship is to provide a quality preschool experience for children whose family cannot afford full Rising Tide Preschool tuition fees and to help ensure economic and social diversity within Rising Tide Preschool.

Rising Tide Preschool is committed to investing in our youngest residents and believe that access to quality preschool education is vital to closing the achievement gap and providing an early advantage in competing in our global workforce. It all begins with preschool and RTP believes in providing this opportunity for all families on Nantucket. We hope that our new scholarship will help reduce the burden of childcare tuition on our community and engage a diverse student body at Rising Tide Preschool.

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