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We Love Our Teachers

Rising Tide Preschool isn't just made up of our staff, but also our dedicated board members who put so much time and effort into each and every aspect of our preschool.

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Meet our Dedicated Staff


"Miss Meghan"


A native of Nantucket, serves as the head of school/director for Rising Tide Preschool. She has worked with the youth of Nantucket for the past 16 years and with all different age groups. She has and continues to actively serve on different boards and organizations that service Nantucket children such as Cyrus Pierce school council, Inky Santa’s Toy Drive, and Nantucket Little League. SHe is passionate about early childhood education and is committed to providing Nantucket with a quality year round preschool. In addition to working with children, Meghan enjoys spending time with her husband and four children.

"Miss Katie"


Katie Malone has been working with children for over 6 years. She started working with preschoolers as an assistant teacher in 2016 and is now the lead teacher in the Dolphin classroom. She loves to watch the children in her classroom progress throughout the year and watching them grow and learn. She is often enrolled in an early childhood education course, as “there is always so much to learn in this field”.  When she is not teaching, Katie enjoys reading and going to the beach with her fiance and their two dogs.


"Miss Iesha"

Iesha Hinton

"Miss Debbe"


Debbe Nicholson has spent 31 years teaching, nurturing and playing with children at 16 Newtown Road. She is a graduate of Boston University School of Education. She is the lead teacher in the starfish classroom. She loves preparing children for kindergarten and beyond. Debbe loves exploring our island with the children and teaching them about our community. When not at work, Debbe keeps busy gardening, reading, attending theater productions and making her famous beach plum jelly.


"Miss Paula"


Paula Murray has worked with children of all different ages. She taught elementary aged children for 24 years in Jamaica before moving to Florida where she taught high school science. She moved to Nantucket in 2017 and began working as an assistant preschool teacher. She is now a co-teacher in the Starfish classroom. When not working, Paula enjoys reading and completing crossword puzzles. She also enjoys traveling with her husband and daughter.

"Mr. Tre"

Trevaun Flaherty


"Miss Meg"


Megan Murray is the lead teacher in the Minnow classroom. Megan has worked with children for over 10 years. With all of her experience with different age groups, Megan enjoys working with this age and is excited to share her creativity and energy with the Minnows. Megan loves to watch the children grow and flourish and is thrilled to be part of Rising Tide Preschool . Meg loves to cook for her friends and travel with her boyfriend.

Board Members

Our Board Members

President & Chair - Thayer Hale

Clerk - James Malone

Assistant Clerk - Frank Robinson

Treasurer - Jana Duarte 

Head of School/Director - Meghan Washington 


Kristie Ferrantella

Denise Badders-Perry

Lisa Cranston

Erica Kiley

Crystal Ray

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